School Readiness and Resilience for Budding Minds

Preparing Budding Minds

Welcome to Sprout and Soar, where we nurture your child’s resilience and confidence for a seamless transition to Prep and beyond. Led by qualified teachers with expertise in early years education, our program both complements Kindy and bridges the gap between Kindy and Prep by developing specific foundational skills required for a smooth start to school life.

At Sprout and Soar we love what we do, and feel honored to play an important role in your child’s journey towards Prep readiness. So join us so we can help your child experience the fun of our community, foster a passion for learning, and lay the groundwork for success in Prep.

What We Teach

Reading Readiness

Phonological awareness including letter recognition, segmenting and blending, syllables, letter sounds and rhyming.

Foundations for early writing

Fine motor skills to build finger strength including grasping, pinching and holding, hand-eye coordination and pencil grip.

Numeracy Skills

Number recognition and counting, one-to-one correspondence, sorting and classifying and recognising patterns.

Resilience Development

Developing self-awareness, attention, emotional fitness, reframing challenges, and sustained effort when faced with challenges.

Thinking skills

Developing memory, attention, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Social and Independence Skills

Developing positive relationships with others including sharing, taking turns, and understanding social cues; Encouraging self-care, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Our Programs

School Readiness

Ensuring Prep readiness

3.5 – 5.5 year olds

2 hour weekly classes

Full term 10 weeks

Mini Sprouts

Assisting Kindy readiness

2.5 – 3.5 year olds

1 hour weekly classes

Full term 10 weeks

Big Sprouts

Literacy support during Prep

5.5 – 6.5 year olds

1 hour weekly classes

Full term 10 weeks

Holiday Program

School readiness holiday support

3.5 – 5.5 year olds,

3 hour program

Our Community’s Thoughts

“Hugo absolutely loves his Fridays with Miss Cathy. Sprout and Soar has provided him with so much joy and has set him up for a love of learning. We can’t thank you enough Cathy!”

Mum Sarah

“Miss Cathy’s classes have been an amazing experience for Rohan. We can confidently say with all that he has learnt in your class, that he is truly ready to commence Prep in 2024. Miss Cathy’s program has been amazing in setting Rohan up with the skills to transition smoothly into Prep. “

Mum Dee

“I have loved coming to Sprout and Soar. I always say to Mummy, ‘I wish I could go to Miss Cathy’s class everyday!’ Thank-you for making learning so much fun. I have learnt so much and am excited about going to Prep!”

Student Rohan

“Stevie was lucky enough to attend Sprout and Soar this morning, to participate in school readiness activities and games. She said afterwards “If that is what school is like mummy I can’t wait!” Thanks for having us! “

Mum Caroline